Italian Cuisine

The Italian cuisine is famous and appreciated all over the world and as well as having a unique and incomparable flavor is fully within the nutritional model of the famous " Mediterranean Diet ", considered a world heritage site .

Italian cuisine is known for its regional diversity , abundance in taste and seasoning , it is also considered the most famous in the world , with international influences , so that the U.S. broadcaster CNN ranks first among the kitchens most appreciated globally.

The main feature of Italian cuisine is its extreme simplicity, with many dishes made from 4 up to 8 ingredients.

Dishes and recipes are often created by grandmothers were more than a chef , so many recipes are suited to home cooking. Many dishes that were once known only in the region , have spread across the nation . Cheese and wine are a major part of the cuisine , with many variations and specific legal protection , the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO ) . Even the coffee , especially espresso , has become important in the kitchen.

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