About Us

Hello, I'm Vincenza. I'm italian and I live and work in Verona (Italy). In my frequent trips outside Italy I realized that Italian food is popular and loved everywhere in the world but that is really hard to find it. Or rather, you can find food so-called "Italian" but that only has the Italian flag on the label and nothing else. So we thought of making a service for those living and working outside Italy (Italian or foreign) that is to do the shopping for him / her in true Italian supermarkets and send it directly to his house. In this way it is possible to eat real Italian food (only the best of course), food that the Italians eat normally. The prices on our website are accessible to all budgets. We want anyone who can afford to do the shopping on our site at the right price.


The service that we provide you is to do the shopping for you in Italian supermarkets and mail it directly to your home. We want who people living and working outside of Italy can consume foods that normally consume Italians, in Italy.

There are products from the best brands, from different backgrounds and of different price range to give everyone a chance to eat Italian.

Please see our web site often because it is updated continuously and often there are some deals to be missed! During the holidays and anniversaries you will find products typical of the period.

In addition to the products displayed on our website, through the contact form you can ask us any food item or kitchen tools sold in Italy. We will look for you, we will buy it and ship it to your home address.


Our Service

It is do the shopping for you in Italian supermarkets and mail it directly to your home

without any intermediate steps.


Our web site

It is an on-line Italian supermarket where you can choose what italian people eat normally.


"Italia groceries"

It is a company that provides only groceries made and sold in Italy.


Our logistic base

It is in Verona, but we have contacts with firms of groceries in different areas of Italy to also provide local products.

Requests for particular products

if you want to buy products that are not on our website please fill in the contact form and

describe the product (possibly with the brand, quantity, etc..). We'll buy it for you and ship it at your home.


Our philosophy of marketing of food products is therefore totally new. This is not a simple sale of food but a real service e-commerce of food. It will be for you as you be in Italy and buy everything you want.

Italian food is famous and appreciated all over the world and as well as having a unique and incomparable flavor is part of the nutritional model of the famous "Mediterranean Diet", considered a world heritage humanity.

The foods we sell are in common use can be purchased at any supermarket Italian and therefore may contain gluten or allergenic substances that can cause several serious damage to the health of sufferers. Therefore we invite you to evaluate and consider very carefully what you want to buy.

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